About Us


About Us

Gudmundur Joelsson

My name is Gudmundur and I have been working as a bus driver for almost 25 years. What I do in free time you see here and hope you like it and enjoy what you read and wake up some curiosity for the country of ice,fire and northern light.

Waving flag of Iceland on a pole against clear blue sky
Beautiful sunset at Gardur coast with reddish clouds in the sky and low level of the ocean.
The Northern Light Aurora borealis at Kirkjufell Iceland
Glacier Lagoon

Iceland have many thing to offer more than the Northern light over the winter time,you can spend your holiday over the Christmas time and the new year who is an experience you don't want to miss, see all the firework blowing in the sky, maybe you can see the northern light dance in the sky behind the fireworks.

You can take a trip to the Blue Lagoon and relax, or you can go to hotels in the country side where you can find peace and see the northern light when you go in to the hot pot and look at the sky in the evening.

You can go on the glacier with snowmobile or special jeep, bee there up in the evening where it is clear vision to the Northern Light.

Let your dream come through and plan a trip to Iceland where the nature is playing with fire and Ice.

Where the Northern light are playing in the atmosphere.