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If you want to witness one of the world’s wonders, then you should not miss out on Iceland’s Northern Light. You will definitely get the best time out of your life, enjoying the wonderful scenery while taking photos and breathtaking videos.

What is Northern Light?

Northern Light is a tourist attraction in Iceland and is a short flight out from the United Kingdom. The Northern Lights are one of nature’s greatest showcase that you will ever see – a combination of mysterious, glowing and multicolored show which lights up the night sky. See the sky twist and twirl right before your very eyes.

When is the best time to see the Northern Light?

You can witness the Northern Light from late September to early April every year, but the best time according to history would be between October to November and between February's to March.
With the peak season, it is best if you can prepare early and book your flights and accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment.

What should I prepare?

Do some research especially on flights, accommodation and traveling within Iceland itself. There are lots of choices for hotels, right from the budget hotel to the more expensive ones. Or if you don’t prefer to backpack, there are lots of tours and packages for your convenience. Since it will be winter, don’t forget to pack your gear accordingly.

What else Iceland has other than Northern Light?

You can also spend some time on riding a snowmobile, visit the steaming geysers or just relax in the geothermal Blue Lagoon. Or take a dive by snorkeling between two tectonic plates and enjoy the underwater world for a change.

Share your experience

Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime experience slip away from you. Why not you share your experience with the countless Facebook pages, blogs and other websites. This way, the vibrant community can be more helpful to others who will be visiting the Northern Light for the first time.

Final thoughts

Astronomers are predicting that the Northern Light will shine at its brightest over the next few years, so don’t miss out on paying it a visit in your next traveling plans.

Auroral display over the glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon in Iceland.